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8 Years of Envato

Posted 8 years ago

Today we celebrate our 8th anniversary of being a web development author with Envato.Since the dawn of Jigowatt we’ve not solely been building websites. We love all things code so its only natural that we built and designed products to be sold on CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and GraphicRiver.


Envato is the perfect marketplace to capitalise on our WordPress and PHP skills, it allows us to create a digital portfolio of products that we could sell to a global audience.

It all started with our Simple PHP Contact Form which to date has sold over 4000 copies. Within a month of the release of Simple PHP Contact Form we release what might be our best idea yet, PHP Login & User Management. Some say it’s the best of it’s kind out there, the evidence is in the sales – another product with 4000+ customers.

With our expertise in WordPress it was only a matter of time until we released a WP plugin too, this started with our Jigowatt Gallery for WordPress plugin. We went onto adapt our AJAX Contact Form Extended into a plugin as well as creating WordPress Premium Contact allowing you to restrict content on a WordPress site behind a user level.

The success of these products led to our rise to Elite Author status, a program which recognises the best selling Envato web design agencies

Our latest release is the Ultimate PHP, HTML5 & Ajax Contact Form, this has sold over 900+ copies since its launch in January 2015 and has been a trending item multiple times. This is our best contact form yet and the statistics and positive reviews back this up.

Currently our best selling product is the AJAX Contact Form which has almost sold 7000 copies.

Within the past 8 years we’ve earned several badges that Envato give authors for hitting select milestones. The Elite Author status was one of these but we’ve also achieved Featured Author for being included in the Envato Hall of Fame, Trendsetter for having multiple products trend on the marketplace and Featured Item to name just a few.

Elite Author

Exclusive Author

Featured Author

Featured Item

Bundle Boss


Top Monthly Author

Weekly Top Seller


Affiliate Level 5

Needless to say we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved with Envato and continue to see it as a very important part of our business, always looking for opportunities to create new products or improve existing ones. Just earlier this year we hired Roman to be our dedicated PHP Login & User Management support expert who is also making some updates to the script based on features requested by the users.

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