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Our Global Reach

Posted 8 years ago


Established in 2008 when WordPress was just 5 years old and mainly used as a blogging platform, Jigowatt could see the potential of the platform as a full blown content management system that would allow clients full control of their websites. Today it dominates the internet powering over 25% of all websites worldwide. As a business we decided to focus our efforts on the platform, investing in staff and even extending functionality with our own Plugins. We’re proud to say we were one of the first UK agencies to embrace WordPress as a serious content management tool.

Over the years our skills in WordPress web design have rapidly increased and our portfolio reflects this; not only do we attract large UK clients such as Egmont, Autogas and the TUC but also an impressive international audience. We also have a large amount of clients running eCommerce stores that we’ve seen grow from local businesses to shipping worldwide.


Seed technology specialists Germains contacted us to build their new site in WordPress and became our first international client. Germains are based locally to us here in the UK but also have offices in the Netherlands, Spain and the USA. They originally wanted a multi-lingual site but the limitations of WordPress in 2011 made this extremely difficult and it was postponed. Fast forward to 2015, Germains were due a refresh after a healthy 4 year relationship. This time the options to translate the site were much more accessible. So as part of the rebuild the site was made translatable into UK and US languages and we’re currently in the development of the Dutch site.

Another long running customer Romualdo Olazabal currently has 2 websites designed and built by Jigowatt and 1 website which is just hosted with us, all of his sites are in Spanish. Romualdo originally got in touch in 2011 when he wanted a website for his business Tengo Sed de Ti. This site is about sharing experiences brought on by the Catholic faith, to this day Tengo Sed de Ti is one of our most popular sites for community feedback. Romulado then got back in touch in 2014 to build another website for him, this time it was of this fabric business Olazàbal, the Caribbean’s largest store of stock fabric. Puro De Aquí is his last site which we just host, this is just his personal blog.Cerulean Associates LLC is run by award winning author and speaker John Avellanet of Williamsburg, Virginia, his website contains information about the courses and workshops that John provides. Originally designed in 2010 this was still a static website which served its purpose for a time, but in 2014 John contacted us for a responsive redesign of the website and to add e-commerce functionality allowing John to sell his webinars and booklets.


Working our way east around the globe – Dubai-based Workz are one of our more recent international clients – they are the leading provider of SIM cards, scratch cards and retail packaging. They contacted us in 2015 for a responsive rebuild of their current site. We still maintain a healthy relationship with Workz and are currently working with them on phase 2 updates.Staying in Dubai, we’ve recently been working with Hermant at BeUnique helping with the integration of our plugin “Gateway3D Product Designer”. Unfortunately we can’t discuss the website we’re working on as it’s coming up to release with the next few weeks but it was certainly a fun one to work on.


Lisa Wang a Chinese client of ours (but based in the UK) contacted us to purchase our Gateway3D Product Designer plugin and needed help setting it up. From there our relationship has grown and we’re now building a new website for her plus some custom integration of new product types. This is also a new site under wraps and due for launch soon. We’ll be sure to show you as soon as it’s live.

Finally we have one of our largest clients to date IDT Systems. We’ve been working with IDT since 2011 when we first started development of the Gateway3D Product Designer  plugin as they specialise in selling customised phone cases. Over the years we’ve worked with IDT to fine tune the plugin. We started by creating a few demo sites for them,, followed by UK and US specific versions and IDT then offered personalised phone case websites to clients worldwide and we had 23 sites based on alone. Five years down the line and we’re now working on IDT’s main site This is another one of our multi-lingual sites. Being a global company the website has been translated into French, Korean and Chinese. We’re currently translating for Spanish and Swedish sites.


The world is becoming increasingly connected and distance is no longer a barrier between businesses from all over the globe working together and sharing skills and experience. Each new client provides a stamp in our business passport, just a shame we can’t go and visit each one every year….if you feel we can help, get in touch.

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