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Jigowatt Socially Distanced Balls Featured Img

Socially distanced balls

Little did we know 4 years ago how crucial a 1m distance would be. But here we are, still smiling, still healthy and probably busier

Jigowatt launches three new websites

Three new site launches

Here at Jigowatt HQ we’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks and we’d like to take a moment to tell you about three of

Jigowatt Fit Club team photo

Jigowatt Fit Club

As proud as we are of the various case studies and refined list of services on our own website, it’s the Jigowatt Fat Club page

The pets of Jigowatt

The Pets of Jigowatt

Like so many of you, here at Jigowatt we love animals. In fact three out of the four core team members have dogs of their

The best web-based blogs to visit

The best web-based blog sites to visit

If you follow us on social media you’ll see that we regularly showcase the latest websites we’ve built, blog posts and the services we offer. We also like to share

Our favourite WordPress Plugins

Our 5 favourite plugins

In our ten+ years as a WordPress agency, we’ve tried and tested thousands of plugins. Some stand out and become part of our development process

NABBD Site Launch

Site Launch: NABBD

This last week we launched the redesign of NABBD (Not Another Boring Bridesmaid Dress…). They promise to make your bridesmaid dress shopping an stress free

Our time with Envato

Our time with Envato

It’s interesting to look back at our time selling products on Envato. The Envato Market sites are platforms where members buy and sell licenses for

Jigowatt's relationship with Custom Gateway

Our partnership with Custom Gateway

Since 2013 we’ve been developing the Smartlink Product Designer plugin to work alongside the team at Custom Gateway (Mass customisation and workflow experts). The plugin uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies.