Website Design


The Jigowatt Web Design Process

Our responsive website design process starts with thorough research on the business and the goals of the website. Once we have this information we use it to map out an effective digital strategy from which to design the site.

Once you have agreed the specifications of your website with our project manager, our team of innovative web designers, marketeers, and creatives get to work.

The Jigowatt team designs websites in accordance with the latest development techniques, design trends, and SEO requirements. This means that the end result is a visually stunning, yet fully functional website that will deliver results to your business to meet your goals.

To find out how Jigowatt can help your business design a website that delivers, contact us today!

Responsive websites, which work on smartphones and tablets, have never been so important, especially now that Google will rank responsive sites above others.

Google friendly

Why would Google make such a fuss? Because mobile-friendly sites have one URL and HTML which makes it more efficient to crawl, index and organise content. It’s therefore easier for users to share and interact with…. but not as straightforward for website creators.

Website design and development is no longer just about the look and feel on one device, factors like click versus touch, screen-size, optimised mark-up and pixel resolution are also crucial. Jigowatt knows how this works.


It’s great news for our customers. Although the initial outlay for site creation may be a little higher (it still costs less than for two sites), updating content on one site is quicker, and any investment in SEO is enhanced as your visitors are directed to a single site.


Better experiences

User experience is key to how visitors consume and react to your content. Without the need to scroll or resize on their favourite device plus of course relevant, up to date information will ensure your customer has an effortless journey and will return time and again.

Jigowatt is way ahead of the curve. For more than five years, Jigowatt’s customers have benefited from responsive website design – be it simple brochure sites or complex eCommerce projects. Many agencies were alarmed when Google announced their recent rulings regarding search engine rankings – here at Jigowatt, we were ready for it.

It is important that businesses find a web designer who combines beautiful design with technical expertise, to deliver the design and functionality that fuels business growth.

Effective web design and implementation requires a number of different skills, including design, SEO, marketing, and project management. Our experienced team pulls these skills together into one package to deliver websites proven to get results.