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Design Agency Peterborough Based Should Understand Visual Branding

Design agency Peterborough based companies will all have their own take on what makes the perfect website. However, there are some key ingredients that will be present in all their approaches, or at least there should be. One of these should be the need for your website to reflect your individual brand. There are numerous ways in which your website can achieve this, but one of the most important is its visual appearance. It’s critical, therefore, to choose a web design Peterborough based agency that knows this, and that understands that you don’t get long to make the perfect first impression on your visitors.

Make First Impressions Count With Web Design Peterborough Wide Agencies

There are a great number of expectations placed on your website and so on the Peterborough web design and creation team behind it. The website must function effectively and load quickly; be visually appealing; and not only encourage your visitors to return, but also to bring others. Most importantly, it must do all this the instant a visitor arrives on the landing page. This is because research has shown that visitors to your site form an opinion based on the first page they see, and they make this judgement in an average of 50 milliseconds; in other words, 0.05 seconds. In this short space of time, they will have subconsciously decided whether your business is worth their custom. There are various factors that can affect this judgement, from how the landing page is structured to the colours that are used and the amount of text that is on the page. Spacing, symmetry and the fonts used in the text will also all play a part. It has also been shown that certain parts of the page matter more to the visitor than others. Your logo, the main menu, the search box, written content and the very bottom of the website are all areas that are found to be crucial in this decision-making process. Another key element is the site’s main image. Mistakes here could seriously, and negatively, affect a visitor’s first impressions of your site. Given the importance of these factors, it is important that your choice of web developer Peterborough based understands and is ready to prioritise them.

Peterborough Web Development That Supports Excellence In Visuals

Given that the main image on your site plays such an important role in the visual impression of your website, you need a Peterborough web development agency that can choose and use images wisely. When searching for a design agency Peterborough based, then, keep the following tips on image choice in mind. Firstly, avoid stock photography. These photos are by their very nature over-used, recycled and stale. They shout a lack of effort to the visitor, and your conversion rates will suffer. Resolution is another key aspect to be considered. If an image appears pixilated or distorted, then you run the risk of the visitor thinking that you are either trying to hide something or that your goods or services will be of the same poor quality. While images are great, one of the common mistakes made on websites is to fill every available inch of space with either text or images. People seem afraid of blank space in the same way that many are afraid of silence. This is a mistake; it leads to a cluttered page that visitors find hard to focus on. Sometimes less is more, as it allows the images you do use to stand out and make a statement. However, it is important that the images make the right statement and reflect your aims. A well-chosen image can sell a product or service for you, so be clear in your discussion with the Peterborough design agency you choose and be open about your business’ aims and ethos. The importance of this step is why the developers at Jigowatt Ltd always start here.

Get It Right With Jigowatt Ltd, The Top Design Agency Peterborough Based

Starting with your business’ aims and objectives allows the team at Jigowatt Ltd to choose images that work for your brand and create the right first impression of your website. By using carefully structured pages, suitable designs and appropriate images, our design agency Peterborough based agency will surpass both your expectations and those of your visitors. Learn more about the full range of web design Peterborough based services that we offer at Use our contact form to ask any question you have or to find out how we can help you.